Kangen Water

WATER PROTOCOL - Prescribed for all patients.

As per demo video, the particle/molecule size of the water is the best feature of the water we provide. Clusters of water that are larger than 6 will not flow through the human cellular membrane.Other water filtering and alkalizing systems will not sustain a size of 6 or less. Resulting in you passing the same water in your urine that you drank; without passing it inside your cells.

The Kangen water will hold this function for up to four (4) days. Resulting in more efficient absorption of food, nutrients, and supplements. While also allowing for detoxification at the cellular level to occur.

Begin with 8.5 pH water. Consume ½ gallon per day for one week. Use it in your tea, coffee, and cooking water. If you are a person that does not drink that much water daily; then gradually increase until you do consume ½ gallon per day for a week before moving to the next step.

Second, consume 9.0 pH water at ½ gallon per day for 2 months.

Third, consume 9.5 pH water at ½ gallon per day for 2 months.

With advanced diagnoses or health issues, you may need to stay at this level for a longer period of time. Consult your health care provider. And add 1-2 oz. of 11.5 pH water daily throughout treatment phase.

Maintenance goes back to 8.5 pH water; on a case by case basis.

Wash vegetables with 11.5 water. Clean counter tops and bathrooms with the 2.5 water (kills bacteria on contact). See additional information for Beauty Water for skin and other uses.

Some patients and clients may want to purchase their own machine instead of transporting water every 4 days. Call Dr. Dumayne's office at 336-584-4008 for more information or visit our website at drdumayne.yourbodyiswater.com.


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