Plantar Fasciitis

We are in the business of relieving current pain, and providing life long relief and vitality. By using root cause analysis, Dr. Dumayne takes a holistic view of the whole body and prescribes a treatment plan designed just for you. 

We are unique in the sense that the therapies and nutrition prescribed are designed to stimulate your body's        NATURAL HEALING RESPONSE. 

This program is the most advanced wellness program available today. 

Conditions Dr. Dumayne has helped with 

Arthritis                                                          Chronic Fatigue                                       Digestion 

Sore Muscles                                                 Athletes                                                   Wellness care & Matintenance

Peripheral Artery disease                            Stress                                                       Circulation 

Release of toxins                                           Detoxification                                         Headaches 

Migraines                                                         NEUROPATHY                                        RA 


Dr. Dumayne's expertise lies in helping the body heal itself. He has had numerous cases with new patients and returning patients coming to him as a last ditch effort. As one of our patients stated.... Morphine from the ER has nothing on my PEMF treatments for providing long term pain relief and finally getting a good nights sleep. I come once a week now and it's amazing, hands down the best money spent. 

One of our patients was ridden with parasites.... It had gotten so bad that she was being treated for organ failure because they had started attacking her insides. One test Dr. Dumayne had wanted to see the results too was a parasite test. After reviewing the results of  thousands and thousands of dollars on medical tests and procedures, Dr. Dumayne did one more test. Our patient trusted him enough to go to a vet, actually a zoologist, to get tested for parasites. After finding the root cause of the problem, and not just treating the symptoms ie bandaid/insurance method, our patient was on the road to recovery. I fear what would have happened if that patient had not come to us.... The actual cause of her symptoms was not being fixed, I imagine there would have been an increase in medications, more tests and a continued decline in her health. 

Dr. Dumayne's greatest gift is providing HOPE..... 

 Techniques used in our practice 

Motion Palpation                                     Purcussor                                            Adjuster 

Acupuncture                                            Manual Adjustments                          Activator 

PEMF                                                        Tensegrity (PEMF)                               Muscle Stim 

Cold Laser                                                 K-laser                                                   VibraWav

Bio-Mat                                                      Kangen Water                                      Decompression 

Flexion/Distraction                                  Heat/Cold                                             Foot Bath 

Detox                                                          Home Exercise                                     

Check out our video to show how some of our therapies work!



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